La Mennais VTC

It was in 2006, that the Brothers of Christian Instruction in collaboration with their German friends of HELFEN MACHT SCHULE e.V. built a school at the Brothers’ Centre in Moshi (Tanzania) providing training in carpentry and tailoring. At the moment the institution is offering courses in carpentry/ joinery, tailoring, motor vehicle mechanisms, masonry and introduction to the use of computer. The duration of training is 2 years. In every academic year the V.T.C. enrolls 12 students for each course.  We are looking forward to add new courses in the near future, like electrical wiring, plumbing, hotel management and other more.


The school provides skills to disadvantaged youth, especially primary school leavers who could not pursue secondary education and form four dropouts. Besides, in Tanzania subjects taught in primary and secondary schools provide mainly theoretical and academic-based knowledge falling short of providing practical skills necessary for a school leaver become self reliant or compete in applying for employments which require possession of scientific or technological skills. Consequently most of the youth drift into petty businesses, which fail to satisfy their very basic needs.

Tailoring Mechanics Masonry Carpentry

In La Mennais V.T.C. the youths acquire the needed knowledge in theoretical as well as practical terms. Their weekly timetable consists of in-door classes as well as practical exercises within the Centre or at external sites. Additionally, the students are offered extra-curricular activities, e.g. sports, choir or agriculture, which encourage them to develop their individual talents.

After graduation each student receives a tool kit, which supports them in starting a self-reliant career in the field of their expertise (See picture below). The tools are being purchased through the support of our partner HELFEN MACHT SCHULE e.V.



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